Recycling overview

Why Recycle

Recycling is a partnership between Town residents and the recycling facility that sorts, then distributes our recyclables to businesses which turn them into something new and useful. The program goal is to maximize recycling and minimize garbage. You can place all recyclables in the same container. It’s easy and convenient.

Recycling Guide

View the Town's new recycling guide (PDF).

Best Practices

  • Do not bag your recyclables! Note: no black bags as they are automatically assume to be trash and discarded at the recycling center.
  • No liquids are allowed: soda/beer cans, juice cartons, etc., should be emptied before being placed in your cart. Liquids are a common contaminant.
  • No paper or foil items with food residue: no dirty cups, plates, trays, paper towels/napkins, tissues, etc.
  • Lightly rinse containers: heavy food residue may attract bugs. Perfectly clean is not a requirement when rinsing.
  • Break apart different materials: lids and caps can be recycled, but remove them from containers. Please remove non-paper packaging, such as bubble wrap from boxes, then flatten.

What You Can Recycle

  • All cardboard and paper board boxes (soda, toothpaste, shoe, cereal, etc.)
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Clean and color glass bottles
  • Juice and dairy product cartons
  • Junk mail, newspapers and magazines/catalogs
  • Mustard-colored clasp envelopes
  • Phonebooks
  • Plastic bottles (caps are fine, but remove), and plastic containers
  • White envelopes with or without clear windows
  • Wrapping, office and scrap paper of any kind (paper towel/toilet tubes)

Florida Recycles

Here's a cool video on how to eliminate contamination from your recycling.